A Quarantine Halloween

Halloween is almost here and if you're anything like me, you probably forgot because, well, this whole year has been f*cking scary. For all my procrastinators out there, I have some last minute 2020-appropriate costume ideas for you to get in the Halloween spirit! So whether you are celebrating in your living room, your dining room, or maybe even on a forced zoom-party, see below for my TOP 5 Costume Ideas to get you **iNsPiReD**

1. Tiger King & Carol Baskins 

Tiger King: Carole Baskin walks the walk. Joe Exotic ran the scam. | by  Nancy Collins | Medium

Remember the Tiger King era of 2020? We all thought we were going to be in quarantine for maybe 2 weeks tops and we still had fresh content on Netflix. Those were the days...  This costume commemorates the most noteworthy pop-culture phenomenon of the year AND if you watched The Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of NJ  and/or The Kardashians, chances are you have some leopard print laying around the house. Go off!

2. A Zoom Interviewer 

Business on top. Party on the bottom. Use undies or Pajama bottoms to achieve this 2020 classic look

3. A sexy Doctor/ Nurse 

Doctor and Nurse Halloween Costumes for Couples


A costume WITH a mask?! Perfection! You may even get some claps around 7pm if you're lucky. 

4. A full F*cking Hazmat Suit

thejones_2008's image | Hazmat suit, Vintage bathing suits, Retro bathing  suits

The perfect pandemic-approved costume! Keep those germs at bay in this sexy little yellow number. 

5. A Corona-Bride 

Dead Bride Costume Adult Halloween Fancy Dress | eBay

My costume of choice! (Well, if Amazon can get its sh*t together). For all my 2020 brides that had their dreams dashed this year, this costume is for you! Carry a pack of Carona and maaaybe a "Postponed" sign around your neck to make this costume 2020 approved and you are golden! 


Welp, those are my top 5 picks. Any other bright ideas? Leave them in comments! Stay safe this Halloween and remember, this is only a warm up to the true scariest night of the year - November 3rd. 




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