55. Getting Cozy with Okay Sis! Brand Building, Mental Health, Money Saving Hacks and Current Obsessions

You’re basically coming over to my house right now for a Slumber party. I’m sitting down with the Sister duo Scout & Mady of the OKAY SIS podcast and we chat about how they grew their side hustle podcast into a brand and some tips for anyone interested in doing the same. We also go deep and talk about sibling dynamics and growing up with mental illness in the family, THEN lighten things up and divulge our current obsessions. Everything from the shows we’re currently binging, to the skincare...

The MOST Important Contract you Forgot to Read: Your Marriage Contract. Understanding Prenups, Debt, and What Happens when you Combine Livelihoods with Laura Wasser

Wedding planning is exhausting, and while so many brides and grooms are focused on vendor contracts for their DJ or venue, many of us (MYSELF included) don’t really think about the biggest contract that we’re signing in this process,  and that’s the MARRIAGE contract. At the end of the day, a marriage contract IS a contract,  and it is arguably THE MOST IMPORTANT contract you will sign in your lifetime.  So why isn’t anyone really talking about it? 

This week we bring in Celebrity Divorce Attorney Laura Wasser

53. The Quarter-Life Funk. Get Your Sh*t Together and Manifest an Abundant Life with Rachel Alyce

Everyone knows what a mid-life crisis is but your Quarter Life crisis is unique in its own special way! It’s an age where we really start to evaluate our lives and wonder WTF we’re even doing. Today’s guest, Rachel Alyce literally wrote the book “The Quarter Life Funk” so it’s safe to say she knows this stage of life all too well. She pulled herself out of her Quarter Life Funk and turned around and wrote a book all about the tools and practices she used to transform her life!

52. Make Your Next Power Move! Job Hunting Hacks and Do’s/Dont’s with Career Contessa’s Lauren McGoodwin

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Back on the job market? Considering a career transition? You’re not alone! Today we have Lauren McGoodwin on the podcast to help us make some power moves! Lauren is the Founder of Career Contessa (a digital career resources platform) she’s also the Host of the FeMails Podcast AND author of the book “Power Moves: How Women can pivot, reboot, and build a career of purpose”

We’re going to talk all about resources and tools to help you on your job...

Toxic Friendships, Protecting your Energy, Creating Connections and Finding your Tribe with Lori Harder

GUYS. Did you know you literally do not have to be friends with people you don’t want to? This week we’re talking about Friendship breakups, and really, protecting your energy from ANY toxic relationship so you can build better connections and find your people. This has been one of our MOST requested topics so I had to bring in the big guns and get TedX Speaker, Forbes Top Ranked Podcast Host, and  #1 Best Selling Author Lori Harder on the Podcast! We talk about how to spot a toxic...