79. The Biggest Big Kid Problem of our Lifetime. Breaking down the Plastics Problem, Sustainability, and What WE can do to Help Save our Planet

In honor of Earth Day this week we are diving into a topic many of us would like to ignore: Environmental Instability. Problems like plastics, pollution and overpopulation can be overwhelming (and a bit of a drag, tbh) but thats why I have my real life friend and Environmental advocate, Tony Verutti,  in the house this week to help break down what's going on, why we should care and what WE can do about it.  Because we WILL be seeing some drastic side effects in our lifetime, and just like doing...

78. Be a GOAL Digger! Going for your Goals, Bouncing Back from Rejection, Marriage Advice and More with Jill de Jong

You may have seen her on the covers of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine,  Super Model, Health Coach, Best selling Author, and self proclaimed GOAL DIGGER Jill De Yong is in the house today!  Jill is an expert goal setter and today she is going to help us define our goals, make clear action steps AND get over the hurdles of rejection. We also chat about romantic rejections, bouncing back from divorce,  marriage advice, health hacks, “sweating for the wedding” and just so so much more. 

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77. Let it Go! Forgiveness, Learning to Accept, Heal and MOVE ON with Stephanie Lyn

We’ve all been betrayed or hurt before, and learning to ‘forgive and forget’ is a lot easier said than done. BUT you know what they say about holding grudges.. It's like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. (Not ideal).  Life Coach and Host of the “Heal Survive Thrive” Podcast, Stepanie Lyn, joins the podcast today to help us make like Frozen and LET IT GO. We talk about forgiveness, how to put things into perspective, boundaries, healing and most importantly, how to move on. Because if there...

76. We’re Doing Hot Girl Sh*t Again. 5 “Hot Girl” Shortcuts to Look & Feel Hotter by Friday!

We’re all slowly coming out of quarantine and beginning to rejoin society. Time to take off the tie dye sweats and start doing hot girl shit again! Sarah is going solo this week and sharing her “hot girl protocol” which is really just a few ways to feel/ look hotter in a PINCH. 

Some Hot Girl Hacks mentioned:

Liquid IV

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75. Activating your Chakras, Raising your Vibe and Tapping into your Higher Self with Amber-Lee Lyons!

Don’t get your Chakras in a bunch! Today we’re taking a Chakra 101 crash course with the Founder and CEO of The Chakra Girl Co, Amber Lee Lyons! She teaches women all over the world how to align their chakras, increase their magnetism and learn to attract the things they want. Want to elevate your life, tap into your higher self and just feel better faster after a hangover, one night stand, or late night Taco Bell sesh? Let the Chakra work begin!