66. Find your Purpose & Get Unstuck with Sahara Rose!

She is a Best Selling Author, a Speaker who has been featured by Vogue, Forbes, and NBC just to name a few and she’s ALSO the Host of the #1 Rated Spirituality Podcast on iTunes  “ The Higher Self Podcast”. Guys we have THE one, THE only, Sahara Rose in the house today. 

 Sahara is known for making spiritual and ancient, ayurvedic wisdom fun and accessible, and just last week she released a brand new book called Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose. So today she is...

65. WE MADE IT! Beginning 2021 with Good Vibes, Goal Setting Hacks, and some Manifestation Magic

WE MADE IT! 2020 is history and we are ALL ready for a fresh start in 2021. This week I’m going to walk you through my personal ‘New Year Ritual’ that I have been doing for years. It's a way to ease into the New Year with good vibes, get into the zone with goal setting hacks and writing exercises, AND add a little manifestation magic to the beginning of your year 

64. Favorite Moments of 2020! A Compilation of Favorite Insights and “A-ha” Moments from the 2020 Season

It’s the LAST EPISODE of 2020! That's right, WE MADE IT TEAM! It has been a tough year, but luckily we’ve had incredible guests all season long, helping us to make it though. I went back and pulled some of my favorite insights and “A HA!” moments from this past year and put them all together for a fun little 2020 compilation episode. So if you’re new to BKP this is a great way to get a little taste of several awesome episodes. If you enjoy this one, I...

63. *All I Got for Xmas was Extra LBs* Holiday Health Hacks & Bouncing Back after Overdoing it with Celebrity Dietician Vanessa Rissetto!

Have a tendency to overdo it over the holidays? You’re not alone! Celebrity Dietician, Vanessa Rissetto, is on the pod today to help us keep it healthy through the end of the year.  We talk about some classic food mistakes we make over the holidays, family pressure around food, overeating and mental health, how to gain control over emotional eating, and lots of other healthy hacks. 

62. Heal your Heart! Relationship Patterns, Attachment Styles, Dating Mistakes, and the Science of Rewiring your Heart with Relationship Expert Amy Chan

After suffering from an earth-shattering breakup, Amy Chan had to learn how to pick up the pieces. After years of research and practicing various healing practices, Amy began a “Breakup Bootcamp” retreat to help women going through similar pain. After helping hundreds of women, Amy has turned her findings into a MUCH anticipated book that comes out this week! Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart. 

We go through a mini-bootcamp in today’s episode and we  take a close look at our dating patterns and our attachment styles...