About BKP

"For Adults with big problems who just want to be kids."

@Bigkidproblems started as an anonymous Twitter account from the basement of my sorority house my senior year of college. Applying for jobs and realizing I had ZERO preparation for adult life, BKP became an outlet and one of my favorite hobbies. Eight years and over 400k followers later, BKP has been with me through every step of my 20-something life: bad roommates, tiny paychecks, and (ugh) the dating. If it has taught me anything, it is that we ALL have #bigkidproblems, whether you're 22, 32 or 62. Nobody has it completely figured out, but trying, failing, and trying again is what makes life more fun - and often, hilarious.

                                                            - Sarah Merrill, Creator @Bigkidproblems   

Sarah Merrill is the comedy writer and creator of  "BigKidProblems" a wildly popular Instagram account turned Blog and Podcast all about the daily struggles of growing up and navigating through the adult world.  Sarah uses a mixture of wry wit, pop culture references and relatable experience to connect to and help her half-million followers navigate through the ups and downs of contemporary adulting.  Through her social media fame, Sarah has appeared three times on the Emmy Award-winning Steve Harvey Show and spoken at various conferences and Universities about growing a business through Social Media. A collection of her original jokes were published by Andrews McMeel in 2020. 

Sarah is a media trained professional whose capabilities include event and/or TV hosting, organic social media inclusion, podcast sponsorship, IG Takeovers, Blog/ Meme creation (ghostwriting or branded) and more. For booking and partnership questions please email: info@thebigkidproblems.com

**Looking for a Social Media Content Strategist who KNOWS how to connect with a millennial/ Gen Z audience? Someone who can create content across Instagram, Reels, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc using the latest trends and of course a comedic voice? Sarah has created content for MAJOR brands and channels and is available for content copywriting. Please email  Sarah@Bigkidproblems.com 

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