Single on Valentines Day? This One's for You

This one goes out to ALL THE SINGLE LADIES (all the single ladies)
I know Valentine's Day may feel like Hallmark and Dove have teamed up to personally victimize you - but I think it's time we reevaluate this holiday. I've got a few ways to make you LOVE Valentine's Day as much as Regina George loves receiving Candy Grams. 
Step 1. This is a day all about LOVE, and if there is no one “special” in the picture right now, that just means you get to focus all that attention on number 1. That’s right, it’s time to TREAT YO’ SELF. 
Mani/ Pedi? Do it. A little lunchtime shopping spree? Get it girl. Hey, you just saved a bunch of money by NOT having to buy some clown a gift. Take that money and spend it on something jussst for you. 

Step 2. Grab your girls. Some of my best Valentine’s Day have honestly been with my single girlfriends. Here are a few BKP tested and approved things to do once you round up your squad:

  • Splurge on a nice dinner. Carbs don’t count on VDay. Science.
  • Order in and have a chick flick marathon (sweatpants mandatory)
  • Speaking of movies, there are always movie releases on Valentines Day like this perfect hate/watch
  • Feeling rowdy? Head to the bars and pour some back with the other singles looking for fun on Vday. You’ll be surprised how not alone you really are.


Step 3. Spread Love (It's the Brooklyn Way) 

OK, this is the third and most important step. Not to get all Oprah here, but take the time to appreciate the people you love and are grateful for in your life right now. Maybe it's your crew, your mom, your coworker who said you had a dentist appointment when you totaaalllly overslept (personal shoutout Jess*). Send them a little love today. It could be a little handwritten note, or a text (hey, we're all busy here) but sending some love is going to fill you up in ways no Ben & Jerrys' pint ever could. (Unless its Americone Dream, that shit is delish.)
There you have it babes. Sending you SO MUCH LOVE this Valentines Day, and remember,  there are no expectations, no disappointments. Just a day to love and treat yourself right. HAPPY VDAY.

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