Mistakes Were Made: Beauty Treatments I Regret

We've all heard beauty is pain. But DAMN SIS. These treatments hurt in more ways than one. I've tried a lot of different beauty treatments in my day and have a few regrets. Learn from my mistakes and save your face (and your wallet!!) Here are my top 5 Biggest beauty treatment regrets:  


Eyelash Extensions 

For a period of time, it felt like everyone was getting eyelash extensions. They LOOK Amazing, but the reality was not so amazing. The major downfall is that faux lashes cause many of your real lashes to fall out or break off. I got my eyelashes done well over a year ago and my real eyelashes have never looked the same.  A lot of them are still growing back. ALSO nobody tells you this, but washing your face and showering with faux lashes is so weird and uncomfortable. The short term look was not worth the long term price.

Image result for cynthia doll
Live look at me after eyelash extensions 


Laser Hair Removal (upper lip)

First things first, I  LOVE Laser Hair removal. I get it regularly on my underarms and bikini area and it has been a GAME CHANGER. But then I got adventurous and decided to try my upper lip. Big mistake. The sensitive area above your lip is more likely to experience micropigmentation or discoloration and now I have a brown micropigmenation mustache that is NOT CUTE


Bad Spray Tan

This is a classic but it's still worth mentioning. Nothing will fuck your week up like a bad spray tan. I once had two on-camera gigs in one week so I decided to splurge for a spray. Let's just say I was bright orange in both of those projects. #Facepalm. Make sure if you do go, go to a trusted place where they can use the right tone for your skin type. You've been warned. 

Coolsculpting (inner thighs)

I have heard great things about Coolsculpting, but the area I got mine done was not awesome. Since they have to do both of your legs separately, it can be hard to get the sculpting completely symmetrical. I felt like my legs looked lopsided AND the cost is very high. A barre package is a way better investment and will sculpt you in a way better/ longer-lasting way.

Microblading (for blondes)

Ok. I’m going to take responsibility for this one and say I may have fucked mine up (I never went to my follow up appointment) and that is nobody else's fault but my own. BUT, I wish I had realized that microblading fades… and for blondes, a lot of the time it results in this weird red color. You CAN get it touched up but I’ve honestly been a little freaked out to add more. ALSO I have heard horror stories of uneven or too thick eyebrows that are now PERMANENT. Microblading IS a tattoo after all and I don’t think I fully realized that until it was too late. 



Those are my big beauty regrets. Do you have any? Share em' in comments! 

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  • Loved this! My eyelashes were on life support for a solid year after my last round of extensions! What would you say are your top 3 beauty treatments that are worth the money!?

    • Ashley
  • Microblading also fades to red for brunettes and it sucks. Also, an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions is all sorts of fun! 😑

    • Linda
  • Omg so glad you said this about microblading it’s been recommended to me so much that I was seriously considering it. It just so happened today I read more and found out it’s a tattoo?! as a blonde with sensitive skin that sounds like an instant problem. Oh well at least I was blessed with bushy brows I can just mascara over! What is your go-to for facial hair removal (specifically upper lip/chin)?

    • Cait