The BigKidProblems List is on Amazon PRIME baby!

The BigKidProblems Amazon List is HERE!! Any time we mention a book or a resource or product on the podcast - it is going in one, easy to find place: The BigKidProblem Amazon Prime List! 

This will be a curated list, not only of things we talk about on the Podcast, but other books I (Sarah Merrill) have read and recommend as well. BKP BOOKCLUB ANYONE? I'm also sprinkling in some of my absolute favorite items (like the face serum I've been looking for my whole life AND FINALLY FOUND or the face wash I've been swearing by for 5 years.) My vow to you is that there will NEVER be ANYTHING on this list that is "sponsored" or not 1000% used and loved by me. This is just the easiest and most effective way I can share these resources and "bigkidsolutions" if you will - with you. Enjoy!  



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