BKP Anthem - Weekend Millionaires

A friend of mine sent this song to me with the text "This song IS Bigkidproblems". At first I was skeptical, but then I heard this lyric:  

"Out of food again, and with ten bags from H&M
Returnin' five of them"

And I was like YUP. 

Singer Katelyn Tarver explained it best to TeenVogue: “Living here, in the thick of my mid-20s, everyone’s trying to figure themselves out. The song is about my experiences of living in L.A. and that feeling of trying to keep up with the culture. There’s always that cool party you’re trying to get into, or those cool clothes you can’t afford, or just living in crappy apartments. It’s something we all face. It hits on the feeling of wanting to feel important,” 

SO #relatable. Hope you like it!


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