Do I really need a Wedding Planner?

From the get-go, I knew I was a good candidate for a wedding planner. I suck at organization, logistics make my brain hurt, and I had no clear vision of what I even wanted. I've seen the movies. A wedding planner would be sassy and fun and might steal my fiance but honestly? Probably still worth it.

But when I started talking to wedding planners, I was quickly disillusioned. Most Wedding Planners have different levels of service and to get the full "JLo" experience (where they truly take care of everything) the planners in my area started at $20,000. (To be fair, I'm getting married in Napa and the prices for everything ARE INSANE) but still. That is almost half my entire wedding budget. NEXT. 

Ok so JLO was out, but there were still "lower tier" wedding planning services available. I started going down the list. Even though many wedding planners had smaller packages, they still had budget requirements. Several wedding planners told me they just couldn't work with budgets under $100K. I got off more than one phone call in tears. I tell you this ONLY to prepare you in case this happens to you AND to tell you not to be discouraged. Those aren't the right fit for you. Wedding Wire is a great way to search for local wedding planners within your budget, but still, I was having trouble finding one I loved. I finally did talk to a wedding planner who had a $5K package,  but I was surprised to find that I would still be doing most of the work. I would be responsible for calling/ negotiating with vendors BUT this planner would at least keep me on track and make sure I was hitting checkpoints every month. Hmmm that does seem useful, but the cost is still high (for me). Let me sleep on it. 

2 months went by.

4 months went by. 

Ya'll. 7 months went by and I had still not booked 1 VENDOR. Everything felt overwhelming. Every decision depended on another decision (well I can't pick out florals if I don't know what tables we're getting. And I can't pick out tables if I don't know the layout... etc etc). I needed help. If only for my own sanity! But, how?? The budget just isn't there. 

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And then, my prayers were answered. I found Flutter Social and it is the SINGLE GREATEST WEDDING LIFE HACK I have found so far, I literally want to shout it from the rooftops and shake any bride who is currently hyperventilating.  Flutter Social is basically a virtual wedding planning service and it is a FRACTION of the price of regular wedding planners. I got set up with my personal wedding planner (shoutout Jessica, YOU HERO) and she quickly whipped my ass into shape. Similar to the $5K package I almost did, she got me on a timeline so I could start checking things off my to-do list except she also helped me source vendors, worked out deals on my behalf and started to take my Pinterest board and turn it into a realistic vision based on my budget. She answers all my questions. I send her contracts from vendors and she tells me what to ask for and what to cut out. She also found affordable day-of coordinators through Flutter Social in the area so I can relax on the big day.  I honestly would probably still be in the fetal position crying over which color napkins to order if it wasn't for Jessica. I honestly don't know if my wedding would be happening this July if it wasn't for Flutter Social.

Knowing what a life savor this company has been for me, I wanted to share the love and asked the team at Flutter Social if they would be willing to offer a little referral discount to BigKidProblems Nation. Friends, I got you 50% off Wedding Planning services. FIFTY PERCENT!!!!


So if you are wanting a wedding planner and just not sure if you can afford one, do yourself a favor and inquire. Just visit Flutter Social and use code SARAH50!!! Then I expect an invite. 



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