Well hello there and welcome to #BKP! Let me just clear the air for a minute and let you know this is not a blog. It may look like a blog, and at times it may even feel like a blog, but it's not. I am not a blogger, I am a normal girl who moved to NYC in my early twenties and struggled as every girl who moves to NYC must. In the early days, I wish there had been a website that talked about the real shit. How do I get an apartment without a guarantor? Will I get murdered if I buy furniture on craigslist? How do I live my best life with $4.84 in my bank account? 
That's what this is.
Think of me as your twenty-something sherpa. I've suffered through (most of) it and will share whatever wisdom I can. I'll pass along trade secrets and resources I find helpful. I'll take your questions and feature people who have it more figured out then I do. And yes, I'll share funny things too, like this dog playing on a trampoline, because honestly, the world just needs more of that. 


I'm glad you're here. Welcome to #BKP.

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