2019 is here babes. A clean slate. A fresh start. Are you ready to make it your BEST YEAR YET??? 

I low-key love making New Year's Resolutions (I know that sounds very off-brand) BUT I actually find it very therapeutic. Throughout the year, I sometimes find myself off course or feeling a little lost in my career, relationships, finances, etc and resolution season is a great way to ground me right back down to earth. SO whether you are a fellow resolution lover, a first-timer, or someone who is feeling a little anxious because everyone ELSE is setting goals and you don't want to be left behind - I've got some fun ways to get you started. Get a pencil and paper handy baby, because I'm going to light a fire under that cute lil' behind of yours. 

STEP 1. Make a quick "YOU GO GLEN COCO" list. 

This is really an exercise in GRATITUDE which is absolutely essential for manifesting anything new in your life. Your 'YOU GO GLEN COCO' list is essentially a list of your greatest hits from 2018. The things you accomplished. The professional accolades, the personal hardships you overcame, the things you are most proud of from this previous year. Getting clear on the things that truly mattered to you this year will help you decide what you want more of in 2019. 

PRO TIP: If I'm having trouble thinking of things, I like to scroll through my Instagram beginning at NYE from the previous year. You will be amazed at the awesome things you did that you almost forgot about. (wait, I went to Tokyo for a month??) 

Step 2: Get VISUAL. 

This is my favorite step. VISION BOARD TIME BABY. A vision board is a collage of visual images or words that represent the life you want to live. Quite literally, it is a tangible representation of the vision you have for yourself (I'm going to assume most of you know what a vision board is, but if not, read this article)  

I make a vision board EVERY YEAR and can attest to its magic. Even if you are a skeptic, I recommend giving this a try because at the very least, it will help you get some clarity on the life you want to lead. Sometimes I think I know what I want and then take a step back and look at my vision board and am taken by surprise. Grab a poster board from your local CVS and a couple magazines, then just flip through and cut out the images or words that strike your fancy. Once you have your cut out pile, just arrange and gluestick those suckers on your poster board, then keep your poster board somewhere you will see it! I personally keep mine in my closet so when I spend my daily 20+ minutes figuring out what to wear, I'm secretly manifesting shit at the same time. Two birds, one stone. 

PRO TIP: Make this even more fun by getting your friends involved. My girlfriend in NYC used to host a vision board party in her apartment every year, and it was one of my favorite January traditions. Have everyone bring 3 magazines each so you have a TON to choose from. 



This is the hardest step, but it will pay off the most. Now that you've started to get some clarity on what you want, it's time to WRITE THAT ISH DOWN. They could be loftier, long-term goals, but the idea is to write them down and then break them down into steps that will help you achieve them. To keep you on track and thinking clearly, here is a free template you can download and print to help you break your goal down into achievable sections. For my overachievers, this article takes it a step further on how to break goals down into month/week goals as well. The key here is that ANY goal is achievable if you can make a roadmap to follow. Even if you take one baby step on that roadmap, it will be one step in the right direction - and that's the kind of forward energy we need in 2019. 


Did you try these steps? Have your own method for goal/intention setting? Share the wealth in comments! 



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