Shake off that Bad 2020 Juju, 2021 LETS GO!

WE MADE IT! 2020 is dunzo and we have a fresh start in 2021! Look, I know 2020 gave us all trust issues and it can be hard to find the motivation to even THINK about goals right now. (I actually polled you guys on instagram and 85% said  NO MA'AM to goals this year) BUT goal setting is actually super important for our mental, physical and emotional state and can help give a sense of direction and purpose for the new year. Thats why I wanted to share some of MY little hacks for "getting in the mood" when it comes to goal setting and resolutions.

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I actually have a full "New Years Ritual" that I shared on this episode of the  Bigkidproblems podcast, but here are a few quick things to help you get started and get the creative juices flowing.

1. Pick a HIGH VIBE Book to kick off the year.

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Commit to reading 5 pages a day. 5 pages, that is SUPER DOABLE. I like to make my Strong Coffee and read my 5 pages before I start work for the day. Just make sure to pick a book that is educational, inspirational or even spiritual to achieve that "high vibe" we're going for here. No serial killer books. Here are some of the books I have read/ or am reading this year. All of them (and other great suggestions are in the BKP Amazon List

  • Super Attractor 
  • Untamed
  • The Universe Has Your Back
  • Find them all HERE 

2. Sign up for a course!

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I know this sounds like a lot of work but there is something about learning something new and completing something early in the year that will have you feeling UNSTOPPABLE. Here are a few digital courses I have done and LOVE!

3. Get ready to SCRIPT!

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Scripting is the practice of "writing a script" about your life, as you would like to see. Take all the things you want to come from 2021 and write a script as if it IS happening or as if it ALREADY happened. 

Ex: If you are single and trying to attract a mate, you may write something like "Wow I can't believe I met the love of my life this year. We are perfect for eachother and he makes me feel so loved and adored. I cant stop smiling, I love every second we spend together doing X,Y,Z..." 

If you start to FEEL the emotions from your script, you're doing it right. To learn more about scripting and other manifestation practices, check out THIS Episode with Energy Healer Millana Snow. I learned this from her on the BKP Podcast and LOVE this practice!   

If you want more ways to bring in the New Year on the right foot, check out the latest episode on the Podcast here!  Enjoy, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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