The Scariest Parts of Being an Adult


Did I scare you? Thought so. Today is HALLOWEEN and good god has this holiday gotten a whole lot scarier with age. Ghosts and monsters have nothing on student loans and cellulite. We're counting down the scariest parts of being an adult so BUCKLE UP BABY AND PREPARE TO BE SPOOKED. 

1. Being Ghosted 

Sooo I thought we like, had something? 

2. Looking at your paycheck after the taxes have been taken out

 3. Seeing your Ex when you look like shit

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4. Student Loans

 5. Getting a call back after your pap smear. (Spoiler Alert: You have HPV)

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6. Being caught on Instagram when your boss walks by

 7. Finding a spider in your apartment and realizing YOU have to be the one to take care of it

Image result for spider in house meme

8. When your check engine light comes on

 9. Gravity

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10. Meeting up with someone from a dating app and realizing they look NOTHING like their profile picture

11. The realization that your eggs are dying at an alarming rate

12. Being called on in a meeting you weren't paying attention in

13. Running into someone you know and don't want to talk to in public

14. When your parents start trying to set you up on dates

15. Making your own Dentist/Doctors appointment. 

 16.Turning 30 

17. When you make a decent salary and have NOTHING to show for it after rent, bills and that one brunch you went to last weekend. 

18. Getting Fired

 19. Realizing you're late 

 20. Waking up naturally on a weekday and realizing you slept through your alarm 


Sorry for the nightmares




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