Warning: This Podcast Might Change Your Life

I love podcasts. There is something about walking around the city or riding the subway while learning something through a podcast that makes me feel like I have my life together. (spoiler alert: I don't.)

I was walking home from another meaningless day at my office job when I happened to be listening to The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes. This is a fantastic podcast that I recommend to anyone. This episode, however, was with one of my longtime heroes (and fellow FSU Graduate) Sara Blakely. If you are unfamiliar with Sara Blakely, she is the CEO and creator of Spanx and one of the leading Female Entrepreneurs in the world. She is a self-made billionaire (with a "B") and launched her company at 27 years old after grinding it out in a crappy sales job. (Being 27 and in sales, needless to say, I related hard). 

Hearing Sara's story, the early struggles, and the fear/ consequences she faced while pursuing her dream, lit a fire under my ass and I hope it will light one for you too. Give it a listen! 



Have a podcast that has inspired you? Leave it in the comments section! Sharing is caring kids!


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