This TED Talk Will Change Your Life

My newbie grads, my career transitioners, anyone who feels a little lost or behind their peers - you need to watch this TED talk.

I saw this for the first time after I got let go (cough, fired) from my first job. I was applying for new jobs all day everyday, interviewing 3-4 times a week and getting shot down over and over again. I was 23 and had about $1,200 left to my name - about 1 month's rent - before it was time to pack up my big NYC dreams and move back to Florida with my parents. I was panicked, I couldn't sleep, and the desperation was coming through in my interviews (not a great combo). As my days dwindled down, I spent one particular sleepless night in a Youtube rabbit hole. That’s when I stumbled on to this TED Talk and the phrase that would shape my twenties:

“Don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it.”




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