Traveling with Babies!

Traveling with a baby can be DAUNTING. What to pack? Getting through TSA? Time changes? How do you keep them from screaming the entire flight?? There's a LOT to navigate. On this week's episode of Bottle Service, Kelly Stary from @Traveling.with.babies helps us out!  Aside from the invaluable advice, insider tips, and TSA Hacks, Kelly and I discussed some essential must-haves for traveling with your little one. To make it easy for ya, here they are, all in one place! 

#1 The Slumberpod 

We kick off the list with the Slumberpod, a blackout tent that creates a perfect sleep environment for your little one and gives you the freedom to move around your hotel room without disturbing their slumber. It's a game-changer for traveling parents. Kelly and I agreed this is the most important piece of travel equipment we own!

#2 The Doona.

Next up is the Doona, a stroller and travel car seat all in one. Say goodbye to the hassle of lugging around separate items - this innovative gear makes getting around, whether in Ubers or on foot, incredibly convenient.

#3 Pack & Play


For a portable and easy-to-assemble crib, the Pack & Play takes the lead. It folds down effortlessly and sets up in seconds, providing a comfortable and secure sleeping space for your baby. Pair it with the Slumberpod for a dreamy setup.

#4 Travel Highchair 

When dining out in places without highchairs, the Travel Highchair comes to the rescue. This compact and foldable accessory gives your little one a seat at the table, making mealtime a breeze wherever you go.

#5 Travel Tub

Make bath-time on the go a breeze with the Travel Tub, a blow-up tub that's easy to fold and inflate. It ensures your baby can enjoy a relaxing bath wherever you're staying, without the need for bulky baby tubs. This is one of Kelly's top picks!

#6 To-go Bottles 

To-go Bottles are a game-changer for busy parents. These bottles separate formula and water, allowing you to make a bottle on the go without any mess or hassle. Perfect for travel or everyday outings.

Hope these help! For more travel hacks, make sure to listen to the Traveling with Babies Episode HERE. They say traveling with a baby is not a vacation, but just parenting in a different location ... but wouldn't you rather parent on a beach in Mexico with a margarita close by? I know I would. Now get out there and make some memories! Bon Voyage! 

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