Why You Shouldn't Quit Your Job (just yet)

I get it.  That 8-5 job you were pumped about telling your friends about isn’t really everything you envisioned.  Those deep and desired passions you have aren’t being fulfilled.  Your boss doesn’t understand how to keep those creative juices flowing.  There is so much more you could be doing with your life.  You frequently think about quitting and chasing your dreams!  YOU GO GIRL.

Wait!  Pump the brakes for a second.

That’s right, stop it right now.  Turn those thoughts off. The self-pitty party has lasted way too long and you’ve been severely overserved like a Bravo housewife on a trip to Mexico.  Unlike tequila, you’ve been overserved a false reality of life after quitting your day job.

I’m a 20-something that has experienced all of these thoughts and feelings – partially fueled by one too many articles inspiring us to quit our day jobs and go after the thing that we want most.  I’ve also had friends that did quit their jobs because they were “over it” and thought something better would come along with more time dedicated to writing resumes and cover letters.  Spoiler Alert: one friend was out of a job for 9 months and was forced to move back in with her parents waiting for ANYTHING to come her way.  EEK!

What if I told you, you don’t have to quit your day job to ignite those inner fires?  CRAZY IDEA.

Now I know there are countless examples of ladies and gents that have said their goodbyes to their day jobs and built powerhouses from the ground up.  It happens!  It does, and I applaud these people.  But we have to be honest with ourselves.  Are you really ready to say goodbyes to the weekend getaways with your roommates from college, the taco Tuesday invite with your friends from barre, become the person that complains about every expense that comes with being a bridesmaid?


Now I’m not saying stick with your job solely for the financial aspect.  But hey, it’s nice knowing you can pay rent, attend a couple yoga and spin classes every week, and hit up Sunday Funday for a couple mimosas.  And if you were to walk in Monday morning and tell your boss you’re quitting to become a lifestyle blogger or to spend time figuring out your true passions, are you really ready to potentially put those things on the back burner, or really off the stove completely?

If you want to start travel blog, do it!  Do you think you could plan a wedding better than the planner that put together your best friend’s wedding? Do it!  Do you see yourself at a company you keep reading about – network and apply!  Start now.  You don’t need to leave your job to make that happen.  You’ll make time for it because you’re a badass.  I hate making generalizations about Millenials because it reminds me of those cranky old guys at work, but we are the generation that is bringing back the #hustle!  

Do your thing.  Stick with your day job.  Go to brunch.  Hitting up a few SoulCycle classes each month won’t break the bank.  But keep that day job until you have a stable alternative in place. 

There are good days and bad days to every job.  And the bad ones can suck, they can!  But in this stage of our careers, it’s important to learn how to work with those annoying bosses, how to take initiative in making positive changes at the company, prove we are competent to do more, and make connections with the people that can help guide us to where we want to be!  OK…I’ll step off the soap box for now.

In short, stick with your day job!  You’re killing it better than you think and it’s definitely got its perks.


Meet Our Guest Blogger: Sarah Teutsch!
A proud Ohio State alum that's made her way West!  After a one year stint in California, she's set her feet in Denver for the past two years taking advantage of everything the great state of Colorado has to offer: mimosa-filled brunches, hiking, and humbling experiences on the slopes.  When she's not taking pictures of her pup, Millie, she loves taking opportunities to meet inspiring women and sharing their stories on her site: Working Girl - wgWorkingGirl.com
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  • Yes, sister! I am lucky to have a great job at a great institution of higher ed and even though I would rather be a full time writer/blogger/foodie/professional ice cream taster, I think it’s so smart to stick with a stable job and build up the hustle. Love this post! Looking forward to following :)

    • Jane
  • you rock girl. Love you twin

    • Michelle Engholm