53. The Quarter-Life Funk. Get Your Sh*t Together and Manifest an Abundant Life with Rachel Alyce

Everyone knows what a mid-life crisis is but your Quarter Life crisis is unique in its own special way! It’s an age where we really start to evaluate our lives and wonder WTF we’re even doing. Today’s guest, Rachel Alyce literally wrote the book “The Quarter Life Funk” so it’s safe to say she knows this stage of life all too well. She pulled herself out of her Quarter Life Funk and turned around and wrote a book all about the tools and practices she used to transform her life!

We talk about goal setting (and the difference between YOUR goals vs. society’s goals at this age) proper manifestation tactics, how to shift from a lack mentality to an abundance mindset. What to do if you keep hitting resistance or roadblocks in your path, and much more. 

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Rachel Alyce

  • Instagram: @thequarterlifefunk
  • Podcast: The Quarter Life Funk
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