55. Getting Cozy with Okay Sis! Brand Building, Mental Health, Money Saving Hacks and Current Obsessions

You’re basically coming over to my house right now for a Slumber party. I’m sitting down with the Sister duo Scout & Mady of the OKAY SIS podcast and we chat about how they grew their side hustle podcast into a brand and some tips for anyone interested in doing the same. We also go deep and talk about sibling dynamics and growing up with mental illness in the family, THEN lighten things up and divulge our current obsessions. Everything from the shows we’re currently binging, to the skincare products we can’t live without, to money saving and stock market tips. A little something for everyone!



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Okay Sis 

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Mady Maio

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Scout Sobel

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Obsessions Mentioned!


-Drunk Elephant F Balm - Now on our Amazon List!

-Fresh Soy Skin cleanser - Now on our Amazon List!

-Osea Hydrating Oil (message me for a listener discount!)


I Will Teach you to be Rich- Now on our Amazon List!

The Universe Has your Back- Now on our Amazon List!




Peak and Valley Mushroom Adaptogen

Lacy Phillips - To Be Magnetic 

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