59. No One is Going to Do it for You! Egg Freezing, Money Convo’s and the Highs and Lows of Female Entrepreneurship with Osea CEO, Melissa Palmer

Ever have one of those moments where you wish you could call an adult but then you realize YOU ARE the adult? Well you’re not alone! CEO of OSEA Malibu, Melissa Palmer, joins the pod to talk about the #bigkidproblems that come with running a business and being a Female Entrepreneur. We talk about building a business in your kitchen sink, what it's like having to pivot when shit hits the fan, having tough money convo’s, and the reality of putting your career first as a female. Yep, we go there and get into what she wishes she would have known going into egg freezing and what it's like shopping for sperm donors and Zoom speed dating.  We touch on SO many things in this interview and it kind of feels like talking to your older/ cooler sister who will shoot you straight and can pass along some serious wisdom! 

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Melissa Palmer 

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