62. Heal your Heart! Relationship Patterns, Attachment Styles, Dating Mistakes, and the Science of Rewiring your Heart with Relationship Expert Amy Chan

After suffering from an earth-shattering breakup, Amy Chan had to learn how to pick up the pieces. After years of research and practicing various healing practices, Amy began a “Breakup Bootcamp” retreat to help women going through similar pain. After helping hundreds of women, Amy has turned her findings into a MUCH anticipated book that comes out this week! Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart. 

We go through a mini-bootcamp in today’s episode and we  take a close look at our dating patterns and our attachment styles to get an understanding of why we date the people we do and how we act in relationships. We’ll talk about why some of us can’t help but to pick the wrong ones over and over again, how to re-open your heart if you’ve been burned before, dating mistakes that scare off potential partners, how to stop fixating on past relationships AND most importantly, how to get back in the game. 

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Amy Chan

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