72. WTF is Happening to my Body?! Pregnancy in a Pandemic with Cameron Rodgers

It’s the good, the bad, and the gassy. Certified Health Coach, Podcast Host, and Lifestyle + Food blogger Cameron Rogers (AKA the Freckled Foodie) is on the podcast today to talk about all things pregnancy! We chat about the weird side effects no one prepares you for, the “pregnancy police” on social media, anxiety treatments, not feeling connected to your baby, and just general things they don’t teach you about in health class. Who knew bringing a kid into this world would be such a #BigKidProblem

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Cameron Rogers

  • Instagram: @FreckledFoodie
  • Website: https://www.freckledfoodie.com/
  • Watch her IG series “WTF is Happening to my body” HERE

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