73. Break the ‘Good Girl’ Myth! Dismantle Outdated Rules and Unleash your MF Power with Majo Molfino

Breaking Out of The "Good Girl" Myth + Finding Your Purpose ft. Majo Molfino  - YouTube

We’ve been brought up to be “good girls” but is following the rules holding us back? Author Majo Molfino dives into all the rules we’ve unconsciously been taught as little girls and how they manifest into our lives as women.Today, we’re going to break down some of these programs (or “good girl myths” as Majo likes to put it)  and discuss how to break free from the invisible cages we put ourselves in so we can reclaim our Power. We are all SO capable of incredible things and a lot of the time WE are the ones who hold ourselves back the most!

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Majo Molfino 

  • Instagram: @MajoMolfino
  • Website: https://majomolfino.com/
  • Check out her book “Break the Good Girl Myth” now on the BKP Amazon list

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