86. We Gettin Married!!! Inside a Rollercoaster of a Wedding Journey

Well friends, it’s the end of an era. I’m getting married THIS week and am giving you a little look behind the scenes! I’m talking all things wedding planning struggles, bridal hacks, and some wisdom I’ve picked up over the last TWO years of being a #coronabride. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll most likely elope after this...

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Sarah Merrill

Some Bridal Hacks we mention in the episode!

  • Flutter Social - A Digital Wedding planner is a fraction of the cost AND I have a discount for ya! Use code Sarah20 for 20% off 
  • SAKARA Life Bridal Program - take the guess work out of what to eat the month before your wedding! I have a discount for this one too (but only until June 21, 2021!) Use “SAKARAXSARAH” for 20% off
  • Daryl Sandak Jewelry - Did you know you can RENT gorgeous, real wedding jewelry? Yea I didnt either. But I do now!
  • Still White - Sell your wedding dress or buy a used dress for less!

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