All Couples Fight: Fighting Styles, Keeping it clean, Marriage and Dating Advice for the Modern Relationship

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When you spend enough time with a person, disagreements and fights are inevitable! But HOW you fight with your significant other can really make or break your relationship.

 On our roundtable this week we have on a REAL Life married couple who knows a thing or two about relationship fights – Adam and Danielle of the Marriage and Martini’s Podcast. These two have basically turned their fights into a hit podcast and we talk about fighting styles, how kids marriage and other milestones can affect your relationship AND how to stay together through all the bullshit that life throws your way.

 THEN I have on Lindsey Metselaar of the popular Dating Podcast “We met at Acme”. She’s here to talk about how to fight fair, relationship deal-breakers,  AND how to apologize when you go overboard in the fighting department


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Danielle and Adam Silverstein (Marriage and Martini’s)

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Lindsey Metselaar (We Met at Acme)

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