Clear your Brain Fog, Boost Productivity & Live a “Genius Life” with NY Times Bestseller Max Lugavere

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Ever feel a little slow or like your brain just won’t turn on? New York Times Bestselling Author Max Lugavere joins the show to talk all about ways to optimize your brain and body! After his mom was diagnosed with a rare form of dementia, Max went on a fact finding mission to figure out what lifestyle/ food choices can help OR hurt the brain in the long term AND in the here and now. The information he discovered is EYE OPENING and there is a reason why both his books are Best Sellers! Listen for a crash course where we’ll talk about food myths, how foods effect our productivity and mental health, what to eat, what NOT to eat, optimizing your circadian rhythm and much more! This episode is PACKED and may just change your brain/life!


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Max Lugavere

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Listen to his Podcast! The Genius Life

Check out his BEST SELLING Books The Genius Life and Genius Foods Available now! I’ve added them to the BigKidProblems Amazon List!


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