Course Correction: Changing your Path in life with Hannah Berner, Taylor Strecker and Biet Simkin

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Have you ever been going down a certain path in life and realized you needed to make a change? Maybe you switched careers or got out of a relationship, maybe you are considering making a change now.. the point is, Course Corrections can be one of the hardest and SCARIEST parts of adulthood. One change, for better or worse, can completely change the course of your life. #NOPRESSURE

So that is what we are getting into today. We have on an ALL-STAR panel this week with Hannah Berner of “The Berning in Hell Podcast” and Taylor Strecker of  “Taste of Taylor Podcast”. They have both made life-altering course corrections and lived to tell the tale.  We’ll get into how they did it, what held them back for so long, the fears they had to face, and the aftermath of their decisions. THEN we switch gears with our expert of the week, spiritual teacher and Author Biet Simkin. Biet Is going to teach us how to really dig in to ourselves and make sure we are truly listening to our gut and NOT just making course corrections because we are scared or tired or want to ESCAPE from our current situations. Some things we discuss in the episode:


  • Choosing the right path, not the easy path
  • How to let go of obligations or “letting people down”
  • Facing the fears that will hold you back
  • Finding the right support system
  • Calling yourself on your own bullshit
  • Tiny changes that can change your course
  • Visualization exercise to help you get clear on your path
  • And much more!


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Hannah Berner

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