Cuffed up: Seduction, Finding and vetting a potential mate, “do I like him or am I just cold” and increasing intimacy in relationships

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Welcome to FALL YA’LL. It’s the season of PSL’s,  Cozy Sweaters, and of course – CUFFING SZN. I’m joined by the hilarious ladies of the Girl’s Gotta Eat Podcast to talk all about this time honored tradition, some cuffing fails, and answers to the age old question “Do I like him or am I just cold?” We’ll also play a game called “Psycho or Power Move” on some cuffing tactics that may make you cringe in your cable knit sweater. 

THEN our expert of the week is the incredible Shan Boodram (AKA @Shanboody) who is a dating coach, sex educator and relationship expert who LITERALLY wrote the book. “The game of desire”. She drops KNOWLEDGE on our asses on everything from the art of seduction, to finding your partners turn on triggers and so so much more.


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