Dating Fatigue, Breaking your Dating Patterns, Where to find Mr/Mrs Right and Where we go wrong with Kelly Henderson and Stephan Labossiere

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We’re talking about Dating Fatigue this week friends, and in this new age of social media and swiping right, our dating pool has gotten SO BIG that we’re actually getting burnt out. Many of us are waiting longer and longer to settle down and to talk about it, I have some incredible guests for you! First up, Kelly Henderson (E!’s Very Cavallari & Velvets Edge) hops on the pod to talk about being single in your 30’s and the difference of dating in your 20’s vs your 30’s.  THEN Stephan Labossiere is a certified Life and Relationship Coach who has written 10 books and counting on Love & Relationships and we talk about BECOMING Mr/ Mrs. Right, where the “good ones” are, and some dating myths and big mistakes you may be making. AND THEN, as much as I love expert advice, I think it is also super powerful to hear a real life success story! One of my real life besties, Katie Thiele joins us for a BONUS  to talk about how she found love for the first time at 35 after realizing and breaking her own dating pattern.

THIS IS A GOOD ONE FOLKS. Even if you are attached, I think you’ll find this super entertaining and enlightening. Enjoy!


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