Episode 1: WTF is a BigKidProblem: 20-30 Something Struggles, Expectations, Timelines, Failures, Lessons learned. Why you’re going to be OK

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Welcome to the BigKidProblems Podcast! In this first episode, I give you the rundown on why I started BKP in the first place and how this podcast will go down. Essentially we’ll take an issue or struggle (AKA, a #BigKidProblem) and break it down weekly with our panel of comediennes, personalities, or celebrity guests.  THEN we’re bringing in an expert to solve our BKP of the week. We’re gunna have fun here but I promise you’ll learn and grow along the way.

Our first roundtable kicks off with two people who KNOW a thing or two about having BigKidProblems… Lauren Wirkus and Lindsay Hubbard of Bravo TV’s  SummerHouse. We talk about the transition from college to New York City and the struggles of young adulthood like low paying jobs,  dating assholes and surviving on $5 Footlongs. We also talk about the hard lessons we learned in our 20’s and the things were STILL learning in our early 30s.

Then Dr. Paige Bourassa joins us and gives some practical tips for staying on course when we feel lost. We talk about expectations vs. reality, timelines, and the steps we can take to incrementally improve our current situations instead of hitting the panic button.


Listen to the full episode HERE!

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