Episode 6: I Miss my Metabolism! Ways our lifestyle & stress effects our bodies over time, fad diets, dad-bods, and reprogramming your brain and body image to live longer, healthier lives

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Quick show of hands if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your metabolism? It seems like just yesterday we could eat an XL pizza by ourselves and now if we even look at a carb we gain 3 lbs? WHAT GIVES? This week we are joined by Lauren Wirkus and Lindsay Hubbard from Bravo TV’s Summer House to talk about our guiltiest late night eats, putting on ‘love pounds’, stress eating, fad diets we’ve failed at, and the effects of binge drinking through our 20’s. 

THEN we are joined by Holistic Health Practitioner Sarah Anne Stewart who knows this struggle deeply and intimately. We talk about everything from eating disorders (Sarah herself suffered for 10 years!) to meditation, body image and how to boost your metabolism in a healthy way. We’ve all heard to ‘diet and exercise’ but we go so much deeper in this episode. She lays the foundation to help us transform our relationship with food and our bodies. (whaaaaat?!)


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