EVERY Body is a Beach Body! Confidence Hacks, Body Image, Looking & Feeling Good with Style & Empowerment Coach Melissa Chataigne

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Summer 2019 has been crowned HOT GIRL SUMMER and yes I had to look up what that means. Hot Girl Summer is all about living your best life with confidence and it couldn’t be more fitting to have on Style & Empowerment Coach Melissa Chataigne to show us how to dip into our power. She is a style expert and a speaker who leads empowerment workshops to help people cultivate confidence at ANY body type,  and we talk some REAL talk about gaining confidence, learning to love your body at any size and tips to emphasize your assets to help you feel your best.  Because EVERY BODY IS A BEACH BODY


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Melissa Chataigne

Instagram: @ChataigneStyle

Website: https://www.melissachataigne.com

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Obviously had to include the song that launched HOT GIRL SUMMER:

Cash Shit by Megan Thee Stallion


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