Episode 2: Finding your Dream Job: Breaking into your dream industry, Finding your Passion, Getting real about your strengths and shortcomings, side hustles

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Are you not exactly in your dream job? Whether you’re having trouble breaking into your industry of choice or not even sure WHAT your dream job IS – you are not alone. 

Today on our roundtable we have on two boss babes who have had two very different paths to get their dream careers. We’ll talk about how they got their foot in the door, different ways to climb the corporate ladder, and some surprising mistakes YOU might be making to keep you from getting the job of your dreams.

Then we switch gears and have our Career Coach, Joceyln Miller, on to help those of us who are not even sure where to start. Some resources she specifically talks about in the podcast are below.

The official  Myers Briggs Test: www.mbtionline.com

Strengths Finder: www.gallupstrengthscenter.com

Cognitive Preference Survey: https://apps.gtdfocus.com/surveys

Please note – these tests require separate fees, so I’ve included a few free resources for you below!




Want to learn more about our guests? Check them out:

Naz Perez: @NazPerez

HeartBroken Anonymous: http://www.heartbrokenanonymous.com/

Emily Evans: @emilykevans

Jocelyn: Facebook and Twitter: @JocelynCoaching  

www.jocelynmariemiller.com/about/ - You can schedule a discovery call with Jocelyn through her website. I’ve done it and highly recommend you take her up on it!!

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