Get in Loser, We’re Reforming the Criminal Justice System with NY District Attorney Candidate Eliza Orlins


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“The system isn’t broken, it’s working exactly the way it was designed”. This week we take a look into the Criminal Justice System and why it’s such a #bigkidproblem with our AWESOME guest and Candidate for NY District Attorney, Eliza Orlins. Eliza has been a Public Defender in New York City for over a decade where she has represented thousands through the Criminal Justice System. We’re going to talk about how the system works, why reforms need to be made, The “Central Park Karen” case, and most importantly why WE need to pay attention to our State and Local elected officials if we ever want to make ANY real changes in our communities. 




Want more from our guests?

Eliza Orlins

  • Website:
  • Contribute to her Campaign HERE!
  • Check out her recent Washington Post article about the Central Park Karen here 
  • Check out the last episode she was on (One of my favs!) Resilience and Mental Toughness HERE


  • Learn more about the office of DA here (you can search your local election too)
  • We talked about the upcoming LA Race, make sure to google your communities’ upcoming elections to know when to vote and who to vote for! Use your MF voice!

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