Hormone Health & Modern Fertility with Nina Boyce & Afton Vechery

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We’re back in health class – but with a BKP twist. This week I have on Hormone Coach Nina Boyce who will help us understand our hormones better and teach us  ways to nourish our bodies when our hormones are getting out of whack and making us moody, stressed, or, how I like to describe myself when I’m PMSing – very stabby. THEN we’ll hear from CEO of Modern Fertility Afton Vechery who is CHANGING the game on fertility testing and awareness for women. We’ll talk about her revolutionary work which is making fertility testing more accessible and affordable, what fertility testing even does AND what she wants YOU to know about your reproductive health.

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Nina Boyce

Instagram: @nourishedwithnina

Healing Hormones Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/healing-hormones/id1160965218

Free Hormone Deep Dive! https://campsite.bio/nourishedwithnina


Afton Vechery

Instagram: @aftonvechery (CEO of @modernfertility)

Website: https://modernfertility.com/

Fertility Timeline Quiz is here: https://modernfertility.com/quiz/ 

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