I’m Engaged! A Surprise Engagement Story + Wedding Planning 101 with @BetchesBrides

Listen to SUMMER SERIES Episode 1 HERE

Welcome to The BigKidProblems Podcast SUMMER SERIES! This is the first of five specialty “Summer” episodes and we’re kicking things off with some big news…. I’m engaged! Since we’re friends now, I had to fill you in on how it all went down, so my FIANCE Brandon Hall joins us to help tell the tale from our separate perspectives.

THEN, I couldn’t make this episode ALL about me, so I brought in an expert from @BetchesBrides (The new channel from @betches )to teach us about what to do IMMEDIATELY after you get engaged. Because let me tell you, nobody prepares you for this.

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Brandon Hall

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Betches Brides - @BetchesBrides

Ashley Fern

Instagram:  @Disco_infern0


Some of the Wedding Planning Resources Ashley mentioned!


The Knot

Wedding Wire


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Pssst: Pics from the surprise Engagement HERE


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