It’s Wedding Season! Momzillas, Missing Brides, Money Saving tips, Wedding Etiquette and MORE

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Spring has Sprung and that means Wedding Season is in the air! Now I don’t know about you guys but I actually love wedding season. Free food, dressing up, open bar – that’s all my favorite things. But I know it can get old fast and become a real #bigkidproblem if you’re shelling out a ton of money over and over again to celebrate OTHER peoples happiness. And to be real.. its gotten a little out of hand recently. . But that’s why I thought it would be fun to kick this wedding season off with a little specialty episode, where we can get the real dirt behind the scenes of weddings with two all-star Wedding Planners who have SEEN IT ALLL.

That’s why I ventured to Nashville Tennessee to sit down with the duo behind H-Three-Events, Hugh Howser and Kate Steele. They are my panel AND my experts this week because they live and breathe all things weddings and have some tea to SPILL. We talk everything from Momzillas, to missing Brides,  bad bridesmaids, open bar fails, dance floor makeouts in front of Grandma and so much more. We even chat some money-saving tips and I test YOUR knowledge of some wedding traditions at the end that might just blow your mind.

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