Keeping up with the @MrsDowJones’ – Investing 101, Getting out of Debt, Who pays on the first date, and making finance fun w/ Haley Sacks

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We’re making Finance Fun this week with the hilarious @MrsDowJones AKA Haley Sacks. I know, I know. When I see the word “finance” I want to run for the hills but believe it or not you NEED some basic understanding of finance so you can do things like live and go to brunch.

In this episode we talk about some ways to tackle debt, some easy apps to use, and some crystal clear steps to take if you want to start investing TODAY. We also talk about money and dating,  who should pay on the first date, how to combine finances if you’re moving in together or getting married and just lots of other important adult stuff.


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Haley Sacks

Instagram: @MrsDowJones




We talked a lot about Compounding Interest…

Here is a great article that shows the Compounding Interest Chart we talked about. It’s called HOW TEENS CAN BECOME MILLIONAIRES (How perfect is that?)

Haley’s Compounding Video:

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