Let’s Get Lost! Travel tips & tricks, Where to go, relationship tips on the road with Find Us Lost Travel Blog

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I plan on igniting some WONDERLUST in all of you because we are talking ALL about Summer Travel in this episode! Ohh travel. My mom used to say it’s the one thing you can spend your money on that actually makes you richer. And for once, I totally agree with her.   

Selena and Jacob Taylor are on the podcast today and they are the husband and Wife duo behind the INCREDIBLE Find US Lost Travel blog. They are sharing all their favorite tips and tricks for traveling, how they survive on the road together without killing each other, How to get your man to become a good Instagram photographer and then they’ll share WHERE to go based off your Summer intentions. So if your single/ ready to mingle, looking for the BEST food, or trying to get off the grid, they are going to help you choose your next adventure (and do it all affordably).  Dust off that passport and enjoy!


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