Moving In Together, Expectation vs Reality, Keeping it Sexy, When to Move in and When to Move on with NEWLY Moved in Couple Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula of Bravo TV’s Summer House

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It’s a big relationship milestone! We’re talking about Moving In Together. We’re sitting down with my pals and REAL life couple Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula of Bravo TV’s Summer House to talk about some quirks that they learned about each other AFTER moving in, how they navigate life together, how they keep it sexy and so much more. We’re even going to play a little version of the Newly Wed game – except it’s the Newly Moved-in game – so I promise, that will be entertaining for us all.

And THEN, we’re going to get serious with our Expert of the week, Kerri Moore who is a licensed therapist who specializes in Relationships. We talk about how to evaluate if moving in together is the right step in your relationship, some conversations to have BEFOREHAND, and what to do if you’ve already moved in, but its not going as planned.


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Kerri Moore

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Resource: We talked about the “4 Horsemen” that will kill your relationship. Learn more about ‘em here!


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