No New Friends.. Just Kidding. Expanding your inner circle, finding community and building new friendships as an “adult”

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This week we are talking all about making new friends as a quote on quote “adult”. It does seem that the older we get, the harder it can be to make new friends… We have more responsibilities, we already have established friendships, and not to mention, meeting new people can be uncomfortable and there happens to be a perfectly good new murder documentary on Netflix. #hardpass.

But wait! Expanding your circle, learning new perspectives and making new connections can really help you grow as a person AND uplevel in general. You never know the opportunities that can come from just one new friend – so I’m here to make it easier. For our roundtable this week, we are joined by the awesome ladies of “The Almost 30 Podcast” Krista Williams and Lindsay Simsik.  They are MASTERS at building connections and have brought thousands of people together through their Almost 30 Community. THEN we will have on our expert of the week, Rob of @Robs10KFriends. Rob quit his corporate job years ago and embarked on a project to meet and spend an hour with 10,000 new people, so he is a PRO at making new friends and forging connections quickly. It’s a good one!


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Krista Williams

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The Almost 30 Podcast

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Rob Lawless

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“How to Meet 12 New People in 2019”

Dating Apps.. but for friends :)


Bumble BFF


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