Party Smart! How alcohol, drugs, juuls and sun effect your skin (and how to fix it) PLUS your biggest skin #bigkidproblems solved w/ LA’s Famous Skin Worship

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Summer is a time for fun in the Sun but it comes at a cost at my friends! Ever feel like you’ve aged 5 years after a long night of partying? Yea, your skin feels it too. I had heard whispers of a magical Skin Haven called “Skin Worship” in Los Angeles, and sat down with owner Leslie Kritzer and Andrea Amez to learn their HIGHLY sought after skincare tips and tricks. But what we got was sooo much more than that.

We talk Summer’s biggest skin concerns, and how to beautify from the inside out. We also get innnn to it and talk alcohol, molly, mushrooms, coke, juuls, caffeine , adderall ETC, how to come back from come downs, help your hangovers, and how this all effects your mental health. THEN the ladies answer your biggest skin #bigkidproblems, share their favorite products, give us some home remedies and affordable tips, and SO much more.

This is WAY more than a skincare episode and I have never heard an interview quite like this. Buckle up!

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Leslie Kritzer

Instagram: @leslie.skinworship


Andrea Amez

Instagram: @amez.skinworship


Skin Worship!



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Products mentioned!

There were a ton of products mentioned in this episode! I’ve included the full list below AND to keep it easy, they can all be found on the BKP Amazon List: HERE!

Elta MD

Drunken Elephant

SuperGoop -Sunscreen

Travel: CALM –

Ultra Defense – Garden of Life

Chlorella tablets

Rose Water


Vitamin B12

Vitamin C Tablets

Hangover cures – bone broth 

Vital Proteins – Collagen

Under Eye Conceler – Cle de peau

Tata harper Undereye  w/ pearl essence

Kosas Brand

Dr. Dennis Gross – Dark Spot Corrector or IPL In a bottle

Target Finds:

Miceller water

Cereve or Cetaphil

Yes to Carrots

Honest Beauty

Peter Thomas Roth (under eye patches)

Find ‘em on the BKP Amazon List: HERE!


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