The Anxiety Episode: Finding the root causes of our anxiety, How to treat it, When to seek professional help, Free, cheap and natural resources to help you every single day


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This week, we are getting into it folks. We are diving into a BIG #Bigkidproblem that I’m sure has affected 100% of you listening at one point or another. This – is the Anxiety Episode. Maybe you struggle with anxiety every day or maybe you just had a super stressful period like a breakup or a job loss – but one thing is for certain. You either have or will face anxiety at one point or another.

Word of warning… this episode is a bit of a wild ride. Our roundtable goes off the rails (I should have known) with comediennes Wrenn Woods and Audrey Stewart.  We talk about:

-Sunday Scaries

-To-Do list anxiety

-Financial Stress

-Sexuality Stress

-Social Anxiety

And then things get serious with our expert of the week, Therapist and Executive Coach, Megan Bruneau. She gives us a TON of information, plus tips and tools to get control of our emotions and overcome our anxiety. A few things we discuss:

-How we use technology, social media, etc to “numb”

-Is anxiety increasing? 

-Perfectionism & Goal Setting  “When I do this, I’ll be happy” trap

-How to stop from getting swept away in our emotions

-Practicing self-compassion & mindfullness

-Mental vs/ Physical Reactions

-Natural Remedies

-When to get help

 I even share a little bit about my personal experience with anxiety and some advice that changed my life. I told ya, it’s a wild ride!

RESOURCE: The free and Cheap Therapy and Meditation Apps I mentioned:

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