The MOST Important Contract you Forgot to Read: Your Marriage Contract. Understanding Prenups, Debt, and What Happens when you Combine Livelihoods with Laura Wasser

Wedding planning is exhausting, and while so many brides and grooms are focused on vendor contracts for their DJ or venue, many of us (MYSELF included) don’t really think about the biggest contract that we’re signing in this process,  and that’s the MARRIAGE contract. At the end of the day, a marriage contract IS a contract,  and it is arguably THE MOST IMPORTANT contract you will sign in your lifetime.  So why isn’t anyone really talking about it? 

This week we bring in Celebrity Divorce Attorney Laura Wasser to  talk about everything you should know before signing on the dotted line. She has represented some little known names like Angelina Jolie, Hiedi Klum and Kim Kardashian in their divorces, she wrote THE BOOK on divorces called “It Doesn’t have to be that way” and she is the CEO of the online divorce service, It' (Psst. It's even been rumored that Laura Dern's character in Marriage Story is based off of her)  I got a full hour of her time (which is NOT cheap!) and we talk about prenups, debt, property, adultery, protecting yourself, and we even get to talk about some marriage advice from someone who has sat through literally thousands of divorces. Enjoy!




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Laura Wasser 

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