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Listen to the full pilot HERE!

Welcome to the Bigkidproblems Podcast! A show all about navigating adulthood and the life transitions that come with it. I’m your host, Sarah Merrill, a real-life adult who has been documenting my problems on Twitter and Instagram through @BigkIdproblems since 2011. What started as a hobby quickly became a cheaper version of therapy as I soon realized how relatable my struggles were, and that we all have #bigkidproblems, and NOBODY has it completely figured out.

And that is exactly why I wanted to create this Podcast.

I wanted to create the podcast I wish I had when I was 22 and could barely afford Ramen, or when I was 25 and getting through a soul-sucking breakup, or when I was switching careers at 28 or getting fired, or thinking of moving in with my boyfriend or - I think you see where I’m going with this. I wanted to create a real and RAW podcast that dives into the stuff we’re all experiencing and then actually bring on experts to help us SOLVE our BigKidProblems,

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re going to have some fun on here too. Each week, we will choose our BigKidProblem of the week, have on a panel of comediennes or personalities to talk about it (this is usually where things get weird) THEN we’ll have on our expert to help us solve our BigKidProblem of the week. We’re going to have some laughs, but we’re also going to walk away with real resources and tools to help us overcome or fears, anxieties and struggles so we can all grow and live our best lives.

Now, let me ask you - are you ready to solve your BigKidProblems?

Listen to the full pilot HERE

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