Episode 7: When Your Friends Start getting Pregnant on Purpose: What its really like being pregnant, weird things no one prepares you for, fertility options, egg freezing, birth anxiety



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Nothing will make you put your life into perspective quite like when you’re friends start getting pregnant on purpose. One day you’re all eating chicken nuggets on the floor of your apartment and the next, you’re picking out nursery room colors. Life happens fast man.

In this episode,  we’re going to talk about ALL kinds of things related to pregnancy and fertility. So regardless if you’re female OR male - this episode will be eye-opening.  First, our roundtable is with Bravo TVs’ Ashley Wirkus McAtee and her bun in the oven, Baby McAtee! Ashley is 8 months pregnant and we get REAL about the life changes that come with pregnancy –the weird things that nobody prepares you for, how it changes your relationship, and the excitement and anxiety that come with it.

Then, our expert of the week Andrea Syrtash, who is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Pregnantish.com, joins us to talk all about fertility. So if you’re curious about having a baby someday – we’ll talk about what your options are.  Regardless if you are in your 20’s,30’s or 40’s, single or attached this episode has a ton of information for you and I honestly learned a LOT. Hope you will too! Enjoy!


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Article we spoke about: “The IVF Process – What to Expect”


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