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Your girl is BACK!! I just got home from three glorious weeks spent in Greece on my Honeymoon. It was, to put it lightly, a f***cking dream. Greece is one of the few travel destinations open to US travelers this Summer and while I was away, I got a TON of DM’s from so many of you asking for tips and recommendations for your own travels. So here I am, sunburned, bloated, and channeling all of my post-wedding energy into giving you ALL the goods. I’m a giver like that.

Guys there is SO much to tell you so for organization sake, I’ll be breaking these guides up by location starting here with ATHENS and then for Santorini, Mykonos, Serifos and Milos.  I’m not a travel blogger so I promise  that I’ll keep things concise.  I’ll give you my absolute TOP picks/ tips for each place and then I’ll include a link to my handy dandy Google Map for each location. I love using Google Maps when I travel. Before I go, I research and compile recommendations and pin everything in a Map so it's easy to reference when you're actually on the streets in a foreign place. I swear, these Google Maps I’m about to share with you are worth their weight in gold.

**Quick note on these, I created these Maps before going to each town and they contain restaurants, hidden beaches, activities and bars that I found either through research OR that were recommended to me from well traveled friends. I have not been to every spot on these maps but they were super helpful when traveling and deciding where to eat/go on the fly. If you have Google Maps on your phone you should be able to open them and save them for easy access. I hope they help you on your travels!

Ok with that, let’s get started. ATHENS.

First things first, so many people told us to “get in and get out” of Athens as quick as possible, but I was pleasantly surprised! There is a ton to see (and eat) and even though we were only there for 2 days, I feel like we made the most of it. Here are my top pics:

Acropolis/ Parthenon

A must for anyone visiting Athens. Pro tip: Get there before 10am to avoid the cruise ship crowds! We were jet lagged anyways and went right when it opened (8am) and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves

The “Poet Shoe maker”

This is a little family owned shoe store that has been visited by the likes of Jackie O and Sarah Jessica Parker. For about 50 euro, they will fit your foot to your chosen sandal style and honestly, the shoes I got here are probably my favorite souvenirs of the trip

Steki Tou Ilia 

Great lunch spot with crispy lamb chops I will dream about for the rest of my life.  Some of my biggest foodie friends recommended this spot and I was so happy we went. This place is a GEM


Shopping in Plaka

This old neighborhood is super cute and is one of the best places to pick up souvenirs!


Hotel Grande Bretagne

A must for Sunset cocktails overlooking the Parthenon. The views are mind blowing. Case in point: 

Need an affordable Hotel Rec? The Ergon. Centrally located so its easy to get around and see everything. On our way back, we stayed here and it was great. Also breakfast was included which is always a plus.

Ipitou The Bar

Corner Bar we stumbled upon. The perfect place to stop for an Aperol Spritz

For more Athens recommendations, here is a link to my ATHENS GOOGLE MAP 

Next stop: Check out my guides for Santorini  & Mykonos! Coming Soon: Serifos and Milos

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