Oh Mykonos... the party island of the Greek Isles, the playground of billionaires, and the birth place of the "Lindsay Lohan" dance. I had VERY high hopes for Mykonos, but walked away with a bit a love/hate relationship. Don't get me wrong, Mykonos is an awesome travel destination and if I had gone with a group of friends, I think I would have had a much different experience - but for a HONEYMOON - I don't recommend going for more than 3 days. First i'm going to give you what I LOVE about Mykonos, my favorite spots and recommendations. But for my Honeymooners out there, scroll to the end and I'll give you my honest thoughts.... 

Alright, here we go: MYKONOS RECOMMENDATIONS: 


This dinner spot is super lively and scene-y and the food is delish. The music is bumping and people are literally dancing at their tables


This place is legendary and if you want to see billionaire mega-yacht owners dance on tables with Victoria Secret models, this is the spot. Pro tip: Get there early and get a beach chair, then eat lunch around 4pm. Also, get the famous chocolate pudding

Shopping Downtown

So many cute shops (I was LIVING for the Mykonos fashion) down super photogenic windy streets. Give yourself some time here and go later in the afternoon to beat the heat

PRO TIP: Download Aegean Taxi before you go. There are no Ubers on the island so Aegean taxi SAVED US! Every ride is 35 Euro which seems steep, but our hotel taxi service was 65 Euro each way so its actually a huge savings. We got this tip from a friend and it was the single best piece of intel we received.

Kiki’s Tavern

This is a super cute, unpretentious restaurant overlooking a little swimming cove. We went for lunch and it was lovely, they also give you wine while you wait. Go early (around 1ish) to beat the crowds. The secret is out on this little gem


I feel morally obligated to tell you about Scorpios even though we didn't have the best time there. It is *allegedly* a hot spot with *allegedly* a great vibe but it was pretty dead when we were there. We also went on a Friday (during covid times) so it could have been off. We've since learned the time to go is Sunday for sunset, so maybe learn from our mistakes. I will say, the food was great. 

This was us the entire time at Scorpios.. lol. Snoozefest

Ok so a couple warnings about traveling to Mykonos:

1. The biggest thing: Everything is ASTRONOMICALLY expensive. I have travelled a LOT, I lived in New York City for 8 years, and I was still shocked by the prices of everything in Mykonos. For example, there are no Ubers on the island, so every time we left our hotel it was $80 just for the ride there and back. Cocktails were $30 a pop, and I’ll also never get over the $14 I paid for a bottle of water.  Ya’ll. It wasn’t even sparkling water. Hey, I'm all for spending money on vacay, but we were able to get SO much more bang for our buck on other islands


 2. Getting around is STRESSFUL. Like I said, there are no Ubers, so we rented a car for the week. The roads are ancient and you are sharing many one lane roads with two-way traffic. There are no sidewalks anywhere so walking is also a disaster. I am aware I sound like an 80 year old woman right now, but trust me. Your Cortisol levels will be HIGH trying to get around Mykonos (unless you're on a yacht of course... then just ignore this...and invite me)

3. The place is made for hard partying, and thats not a bad thing! But on our honeymoon, I only really wanted a taste of the party. After 3 days I was ready to get back to rest, relaxation and a little more romance. SO my overall assessment:  if you’re traveling with a group, splitting costs, and in search of the party, you can't go wrong in Mykonos. But for a honeymoon, I recommend no more than 3 days.

I hope that was helpful! For more, check out my Mykonos Google Map!

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