I've done some traveling in my day, and I've never seen anything like Santorini. This was my favorite stop of the entire trip. Hands down. For a honeymoon, you simply can’t beat Santorini. It is STUNNING, romantic and just unforgettable. If you're planning a trip, below are my top tips

Stay in Oia.

There are several little towns on Santorini but Oia is what you think of/ what you usually see on the postcards. We stayed at the Katikies Resort which was incredible. It’s expensive, not gunna lie. But for our honeymoon we decided to ball out in Santorini and stay at Airbnb's during other portions of our trip. It was LUXURIOUS 

Katikies, Santorini, Greece | Elite Traveler

Sunset is a thing

Sunset IS an activity in the Greek Islands. Go to a bar with a great view starting at 7pm and see how many Aperol Spritz' you can take down before the sun goes down. (My personal record was 5). My favorite place in Santorini was this little bar by the Charisma hotel. I sadly don't know the name, but if you walk to that hotel you can't miss it. Here was the view: 

Caldera Massage Studio

We got couples massages in this little cave house and it was surprisingly affordable and probably one of the best massages either of us ever had! Especially if you are coming off of long flights from the U.S, this place is a must

Massage room - Picture of Caldera Massages Studio & Spa, Santorini -  Tripadvisor

Abrosia Restaurant

This is a super tiny Cliffside restaurant and you need to make reservations WELL in advance but it was probably the most romantic setting I have ever seen. If it’s your honeymoon GO!


Another great restaurant with incredible views and upscale atmosphere (to be fair, EVERY restaurant has incredible views). Make reservations beforehand and get the tasting menu AND the Old Fashioned. We would have never thought to order an Old Fashioned in Greece but someone gave us this intel so I’m passing it to you: the. best. Old Fashion. we’ve.ever.had.

Restaurant - Picture of Lauda Restaurant, Santorini - Tripadvisor


When your wallet needs a break, head to this casual spot for lunch. Best Gyro we had all trip!

The best gyros in town! - Review of PitoGyros Traditional Grill House, Oia,  Greece - Tripadvisor

Amoudi Bay

If staying in Oia, walk down to Amoudi Bay and get lunch or dinner. If you get Dinner, stay for sunset! You can hike back up the steps (which we heard take about an hour...all uphill) OR you can be lazy like me and taxi back :) 

Ammoudi Bay below Oia, Santorini - Updated for 2021

Get on a boat!

Santorini is so breathtakingly beautiful and it's so fun to take in the views from all angles. If you can, try to find a boat company leaving FROM Oia . We went to the other side of the island to get our boat (we booked late. Shocking) and if I could go back I would have done the Oia side. That being said we still had the BEST day on our boat. You really cant go wrong with a Boat day in Santorini TBH. There are options to rent a private boat for you can book a half/full day sail with other people as a much more affordable option (we ended up doing that in Milos!)


Want more? Here is my Santorini Google Map for SO many more recommendations!

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