72. WTF is Happening to my Body?! Pregnancy in a Pandemic with Cameron Rodgers

It’s the good, the bad, and the gassy. Certified Health Coach, Podcast Host, and Lifestyle + Food blogger Cameron Rogers (AKA the Freckled Foodie) is on the podcast today to talk about all things pregnancy! We chat about the weird side effects no one prepares you for, the “pregnancy police” on social media, anxiety treatments, not feeling connected to your baby, and just general things they don’t teach you about in health class. Who knew bringing a kid into this world would be such a #BigKidProblem

71. Don't tell me to Relax! 5 Ways to Support a Partner with Anxiety

It’s a mini episode! Does someone you love struggle with bouts of Anxiety or Depression? It could be your romantic partner, a sibling, a friend…. Today Sarah is going solo and giving 5 tips to help better understand what they may be going through and to help them cope!  

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Sarah Merrill

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70. A Sexy little Valentine’s Day Special with Sex & Relationship Coach Caitlin V!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and to get you in the mood, we are getting a little SEXY with our guest this week, Sex & Relationship Coach (not to mention Youtube SENSATION) Caitlin V! She is answering your most burning sex questions and we talk everything from turn on triggers, to blowjobs, to low libido and mismatched libidos in couples. We even go deep into sex ruts and how to spice things up if you’ve been sleeping with the same person for a while. Trust me, there’s a little something...

69. Brag Better! Master the Art of Fearless Self Promotion with Meredith Fineman

Being able to confidently speak about yourself and your accomplishments is a freaking SUPER POWER, and it doesn't always come naturally! Learning to “Brag Better” can seriously advance your career AND lead to new opportunities! Author of the Book “Brag Better: Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion'' Meredith Fineman, is in the house today to help us do just that. As the founder and CEO of FinePoint, a leadership and professional development company, she trains CEOS, companies, universities, and individuals at EVERY level  on the power of self-promotion. Today she is...

68. WHERE’S THE RING?! With Comedienne Jaclyn Marfuggi

Engagement Season has come and gone. Are you still waiting for the ring? Comedienne Jaclyn Marfuggi joins the podcast this week and we are going OFF on this very unique Big Kid Problem. If you know, YOU KNOW. Waiting for a proposal can be an excruciating process. In this episode we talk about our personal experiences - breakdowns and all -  and how to cope if you’re starting to get anxious about the whole thing. We also go a bit off track and talk about Covid wedding...