101. End of the Year “A-Ha!” Moments!

It’s the last episode of the year! We have had so many incredible guests and talked about SO many different topics this year that I wanted to use this last episode to share a few of my favorite clips and some of the biggest “A-ha” moments from some of the most talked about episodes of 2021!

100. Home for the Holidays with Jordana Abraham of BETCHES!

It’s a specialty holiday episode! We know heading home for the holidays can be an interesting experience, especially with a significant other in tow! Want to make a good impression? Prepare them for meeting YOUR crazy family? Or just Ace that whole gift giving thing? Jordana Abraham Marinelli, Co-Founder of BETCHES, and Co-Host of the wildly popular dating podcast “U UP?” is on the podcast today to help us navigate, and have some holiday fun while we’re at it

99. Confidence Hacks, Family Triggers and Overcoming Self Doubt like a MF QUEEN with Rebekah Buege

Need a lil Confidence Boost? Confidence Coach Rebekah Buege joins the pod to help us get confident FAST. She helps thousands overcome fears, negative thought patterns and body image issues to develop “Queen Level Confidence” and today we are getting a crash course! We chat about some confidence hacks we can use in our everyday lives, body confidence, why this time of year and family dynamics can be triggering AND how to deal with negative feedback like a MF Queen. Get your crown on and LET'S GO

98. Feeling Lost, Getting Unstuck, and Making Tough Decisions with the ‘Millennial Therapist’ Tess Brigham

Feeling a little lost? It’s all part of the journey baby! Adulthood is riddled with false starts, figuring sh*t out, and having to make tough life decisions that affect our life path. It’s daunting! Here to help us find our way this week is  Psychotherapist and certified life coach, Tess Brigham. She has been dubbed the ‘Millennial Therapist’ by CNBC, and has been featured on the Doctors, in Oprah Magazine, Forbes, The New York Times, HuffPost,  and NBC to name a few AND she even wrote The Quarter Life Crisis Handbook!

97. A No BS Guide through Rock Bottom and the Sh*t No one tells you about Becoming a Mom with Kristina Kuzmic

Oh you are in for a treat today!  Author, Motivational speaker and Comedian Kristina Kuzmic is here for a no BS convo about depressive episodes, new motherhood, postpartum and everything in between. We talk about the real stuff no-one tells you about parenting, coming out of rock bottom, and some serious life lessons she’s learned and wishes she knew sooner. This is honestly one of my favorite conversations I’ve had on the podcast!