106. Improve your Nighttime Routine! Boost Sleep Quality & Manifest while you Snooze with Ryan Haddon

If you’re tired and you know it clap your hands! We are at the tail end of winter and if you’re feeling a little BLAH it could be time to improve your nighttime routine! Certified Life and Spiritual Coach Ryan Haddon (The  in-house Life Coach at Poosh,  Kourtney Kardashian’s Lifestyle website) is here to help us establish a new routine and improve our sleep quality.  Ryan gives us a few concrete ways to wind down to better recharge and reboot, even if...

105. Fix Your Attachment Issues, Fix Your Life! With Behavioral Relationship Expert Tracy Crossley

WHY ARE WE LIKE THIS?! The attachment styles we develop when we are weeee little kids can seriously f*ck up our big kid lives. Behavioral Relationship Expert, Author, and Podcast Host, Tracy Crossely is on the pod this week and we’ll talk through common unhealthy life and relationship patterns many of us face. Do any of these sound familiar? Impostor syndrome, insecure attachment, negative belief systems, perfectionism, toxic relationships, avoidant tendencies, never finding “the one”.  Sarah pulls examples from her own life (and the dating life of her friends) to help us all break some familiar cycles. 

104. Investing 101! Make Your Money Work for YOU with Crissi Cole, CEO of Penny Finance

We get it, finance is a weird topic. It can leave us feeling awkward, uncertain and with a million and one questions. But here's the thing, women are incredible investors and money managers, and can close the wealth gap by investing earlier and more often! The CEO of Penny Finance, Crissi Cole is on the Podcast this week to help us reclaim our financial futures. We talk about getting out of debt, personal finance, and how to get into the investing game. Because your money should be working FOR...

103. You Are More Than You Think You Are! Revise your Belief System, Create Abundance, and Live an Epic Life with Kimberly Snyder

Many  of us (myself included) think that we just aren't enough sometimes. Not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough, WHATEVER IT IS to go after some things we really want.  But just because we think something doesn't mean it's true. 3-time New York Times bestselling author,  spiritual guide, meditation teacher, AND holistic wellness expert Kimberly Snyder is in the house today and in her new book, “You Are More Than You Think You Are: Practical Enlightenment for Everyday Life” she...

102. Easing into 2022! Easy Practices to Start the New Year Right

We're back on that "New Year, New Me" Bullsh*t! Every year, we walk through a little "New Year Ritual" to help us get clear on what we want, set up a solid foundation for success, AND get the manifestation juices flowing. THIS year, Sarah is tired, so she made it a little bit easier. LET'S GO 2022!